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A winning bid

The choice of Jorge Prado isn’t just any choice in sports sponsorship, his added value in terms of sport and image grant him a guaranteed success.Motocross is a dynamic and spectacular sport which contrasts and gives great value to Jorge’s childish innocence.

  • His success in the international field guarantee his repercussion in Spain.
  • The big numbers behind the project are supported by KTM’s official team, the best in the world.
  • As a sponsor, Red Bull is the world reference in the field of sports sponsorship.
Jorge Prado

Jorge Prado

Motocross rider
Motocross is my life , it’s what I love , I've been doing this for six years and I couldn’t do any other sport.
  • 10 of March MX2 de Tba, Tba
  • 24 of March MX2 de Great Britain, Matterley Basin
  • 31 of March MX2 de The Netherlands, Valkenswaard
  • 7 of April MX2 de Trentino (Pietramurata)
  • 21 of April MX2 de Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • 1 of May MX2 de China, Shangai
  • 12 of May MX2 de Lombardia, Tba
  • 19 of May MX2 de Portugal, Agueda
  • 26 of May MX2 de France, St Jean d'Angély
  • 9 of June MX2 de Russia, Orlyonok
  • 16 of June MX2 de Latvia, Kegums
  • 23 of June MX2 de Germany, Teutschenthal
  • 7 of July MX2 de Indonesia, Palembang
  • 14 of July MX2 de Indonesia, Semarang
  • 28 de Julio MX2 de Czech Rep, Loket
  • 4 de Agosto MX2 de Belgium, Lommel
  • 18 de Agosto MX2 de Switzerland, Frauenfeld
  • 25 de Agosto MX2 de Sweden, Uddevalla
  • 8 of September MX2 de Turkey Afyonkarahisar
  • 22 of September MX2 de Italy, Imola
  • 29 of September Motocross of Nations, The Netherlands, Assen
Jorge Prado

Jorge Prado

Motocross Rider
There are no easy wins, so hard work is needed, you have to train, train and train. This is why I live in Belgium, to train every day with the best riders in the best tracks.
Jorge Prado

Jorge Prado

Motocross Pilot
My goal on the shortherm is be World Champion after that I'd like to success in American Supercross
  • Redbull
  • KTM
  • Motorex
  • Airoh
  • Scott
  • Answer
  • Pirelli
  • Sidi
  • WP
  • Moto Master
  • DT1
  • Regina
  • Neken
  • Renthal
  • Scrub
  • KTM
  •  Akrapovic
  • TKS
  • Sphera
  • Lafonte
  • Vandenboerconcept
  • Surit
  • Ortema
  • specialized
  • DC
  • GreenlandMX
  • Torre de Nuñez
  • Fiat Professional

My agency

For any proposals, opinions or queries please contact Last Lap. They know everything about the sport and its media.

They organize the most important events that take place in Spain and they are working so that I just have to focus on twisting the throttle.



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Photos of Juan Pablo Acevedo, Alberto Lessman (Red Bull Content Pool) y B. Swijgers (KTM Factory Racing).